Commercial Pump Station Maintenance 101

Commercial Pump Station Maintenance 101

Published on June 3, 2020

Your commercial property probably has a pump station if it was developed in the absence of a viable gravity sewer. This has been the case for many years (at least the 73-year history of our firm)… and so we find pump stations in many different properties in many different states of use with different configurations using many different types of mechanical, plumbing, electrical, and structural gear.

Typically, we first do a site visit to make a record of the existing gear, flows, and site conditions. This is our approach to providing commercial pump station maintenance, regardless of its history or functional state.

Since we’ve spent decades finding Frankenstein-type pump stations, we know to simply expect the unexpected. Even once the unknown that is the pump station becomes known, servicing them with the engineer design, owner budget, and service technician considerations in mind can be quite a juggle.

Sometimes we find pump stations which are designed simply, with little in the way of alarm notification or system redundancy. This may have been fine twenty years ago, but upgrades may be in order. It all depends on the current use and the operating desires of the owner or manager.

Pump Station Meeting
Sometimes collaboration with owner, engineer, and contractor is necessary for pump station upgrades.

Once we know what is already in-place, we will collaborate with the owner and a professional civil engineer (if needed) to make suggestions for optimal ongoing operation. Sometimes this is simply a “we suggest this…” conversation. Sometimes it may turn into a full-blown site construction job if the stakeholders require it. We have a solid track record for including all stakeholders in the findings of a “new-to-you” pump station maintenance task. If you would like to hear from one of our current or past customers, please give us a message and we will put you in touch.

Control Panel Interior
For pump stations, electrical control knowledge is a must! You can check out this web link to learn more about it.

Commercial pump stations can serve small, quiet office complexes or very busy shopping centers or manufacturing facilities. Each and every scenario is different. As such, commercial pump station maintenance needs to be performed on a schedule that suits the station’s operation & firms like Shower regrouting perth has maintained a good track of service record with their scheduled services.¬† If a station has low flows, large capacity, and serves a non-essential area, it makes sense to spread out services to maximize your budget elsewhere. However, if your station serves a mission-critical part of your business or property, we suggest a minimum monthly commercial pump station maintenance. While a service company can respond in a timely manner, getting your hands on a particular make or model pump or control panel can take some time. A frequent service makes sure the problem is addressed in a timely fashion.

Old Pump
Don’t let this be your neglected sewage pump!

In future posts, we’ll discuss the different components of a pump station in more detail.

If you have a commercial pump station on your property or a property you manage, give us a call.