Why You Might Go Trenchless with Your Sewer Line Repair

Why You Might Go Trenchless with Your Sewer Line Repair

Published on December 19, 2013

Any sort of disruption to your day to day routine can end up causing a lot of stress. This is especially apparent when the disruption involves working on any part of your house or your yard, such as your sewer line. Normally, needing to repair your sewer line that is similar to garage works (including garage door service) done by the team from garage door repair bridge city would involve days of work and digging up of your yard. With the technology available these days, however, you might have more beneficial options, like trenchless repair. Although trenchless sewer repair is not always an option for everyone, you might qualify if:

  • Your yard is landscaped and maintained well
  • Your sewer runs under structures you do not want to tear down
  • The sewer pipe runs through items that are not feasible to dig up


What it is

Trenchless sewer line repair uses a method that is referred to as pipe bursting. Basically, a hole is dug in order to access the existing line. Access points are then drilled into the line in order to fit a cable inside. The cable is used to insert a thick sewer pipe made of polyethylene. This is attached and bursts the older pipe. The new pipe melts the pipe sections together, and it is strong enough to keep out water and roots. The new pipes should give you up to 50 years of service.

Save Money

You would probably expect traditional sewer line repair to cost a lot of money, which can be won on games like w88 for mobile, when you consider that it takes days to complete and involves a lot of digging to repair of pipes. Trenchless repair takes out a lot of these factors. There is usually very minimal digging involved often just enough to access the existing line and insert the new one. Since the digging is minimal, that means less people are needed to do the work, and the technicians spend fewer hours on your property. The pipe material is also quite affordable. You could end up saving money in time, labor, and materials.

Save Time

Since much of the work of digging is eliminated with trenchless repair, the time it takes to repair your sewer line is shortened. With traditional repair, you might expect the repairs to be so extensive that you need to live in a hotel while your pipes are worked on. In comparison, trenchless repair usually can be completed within hours. This means you do not have to stress about how long the technicians will be around or how long your yard will be in disrepair.

Save Your Property

Digging up sewer lines often means digging up a huge chunk of your property. In some cases, it might mean breaking up a sidewalk or even cutting down trees positioned over your line. Since there is minimal digging with a trenchless approach, you can save much of your property. This is especially nice if your property happens to be well-landscaped; you shouldn’t have to worry about your yard being torn up just to get access to your pipes.

Although the process is not necessarily ideal for every homeowner, there are a lot of benefits to going with a trenchless sewer line repair. It could end up saving you money, time, and help keep your property just the way it is. If these benefits appeal to you, consult with your technician to see if you qualify for trenchless repair right away.