5 Most Common Signs of a Backed Up Septic Tank

5 Most Common Signs of a Backed Up Septic Tank

Published on September 9, 2013

Nothing is more frustrating that plumbing problems especially when they involve wastewater. You probably already know that the best way to prevent problems with your septic system is by only flushing small amounts of toilet paper down the toilet, use the garbage disposal sparingly and have the septic tank pumped on a regular basis. Despite your best efforts to properly care and maintain your septic system, however, you can still experience problems.

Children often flush large amounts of toilet paper, small toys, or even the toilet paper holder to see what will happen. Tree roots grow around or into pipes. If this tree becomes a problem, you might want to know about Herford’s Tree Care, Inc.; they will help you remove trees in a safe way. It can also be easy to forget when you need to have your tank pumped again” until you start experiencing problems. Here are a few signs that might indicate you have a backed up septic tank. This forcing you get your car or lease one to go and hire septic cleaning services to fix the problem, if you do not have a mean of transportation, in the next link you can find more cheap deals.backed-up-septic-tank

  1. Certain areas of your yard are wet or marshy. This is a good sign that something your septic tank is backed up.
  2. The grass and vegetation above your tank is much greener than the rest of your yard, even in hot, dry weather. This is usually indicates that your septic tank is full and is leaking wastewater. The sewage fertilizes the vegetation and the water gives it extra moisture so that it grows better.
  3. Foul odors coming from area where the tank is. Before you ever notice changes in the vegetative growth, you will likely notice a strong odor surrounding your septic tank.
  4. Your toilet and drains run slowly. If you are only experiencing problems with one or two drains, this usually indicates that clog in the pipe. If all of the drains and toilets in your home are running slowly, however, your entire septic system is likely backed up.
  5. Your drains gurgle or you notice that water comes up through tub or shower drains when you run your washing machine or dishwasher. This could mean that your septic tank is full, but it could also mean there is a block in the line somewhere, which needs immediate drain cleaning. This could be caused by a foreign object being flushed down the toilet. As your house settles and the earth around it shifts, the ejection pipe might come out of alignment with the exterior pipes that transport wastewater to the septic tank.

What to Do When You Notice Signs of a Backup

Your best bet is to contact a professional septic service contractor to inspect your system such as Lytle Service Co. at the first sign of trouble. Don’t wait until the situation becomes an emergency! As suggested by professionals from James Kate Roofing & Solar, the longer you wait, the more expensive and difficult the problem will be to fix. We have the knowledge and experience to assess the problem and fix it using specialized tools (that are listed in baroofers.com/ site). Even if you think that your problems are caused by a block in the line, it can be difficult remove the object without the proper tools. You can go to this website to know how to fix this with the help of experts. Furthermore, if you take the toilet off the floor to run a snake in the line you run the risk of wastewater flooding your bathroom if that isn’t actually the problem.

Another reason that you want to call professionals rather than taking a DIY approach is that many problems may not be visible to the untrained eye. A reputable septic service provider will be able to determine if your system is backed up, was improperly installed or is the wrong size for the amount of wastewater that your household runs through the system. Remember that all of the water from your baths, showers, sinks, toilets, washing machine and dishwasher all exit your home into your septic system. There are a number of different outlets where problems can occur and it is typically best to let a professional determine the source of the distress.

How To Prolong the Life of Your Septic System


Whether you live in new subdivision or an established community, drain cleaning and other forms of preventative maintenance is the best way to keep your septic system from backing up. Experts recommend scheduling a septic tank cleaning service every three to five years depending on how much wastewater it processes each day. Many people don’t do this because they think it is an unnecessary expense. Paying a few hundred dollars every few years is much less expensive than replacing your septic system entirely, however.

Another way to prolong the life of your septic system is to take note of where the tank and pipes are located. Don’t plant trees or bushes near the system, as the roots can wreak havoc on the pipes.