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Stormwater Management Services

We offer many different stormwater management services. Stormwater management services keep those pollutants out of our waterways. Stormwater runoff is the rain or snow from driveways, lawns, roofs, streets and other impervious surfaces occurs as a result of a weather event.  As a result, many activities in urban areas contaminate waterways with pollutants such as

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Commercial Drain Cleaning and Jetting

Commercial drain cleaning is something Lyttle has provided commercial property owners and managers since we went into business in 1947. Drain cleaning is something we do multiple times a day in multiple situations – there’s nothing we can’t unstop! Whether it is an emergency situation, or a commercial drain maintenance call, we are able to

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Sewer Video Inspection

Lyttle Utilities routinely performs the CCTV sewer video inspection for commercial and industrial clients throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. We do this work on underground sanitary and storm water pipes ranging in diameter from 3 to 24 inches. We have both push cameras from small diameter pipes  and crawler cameras for inspection of pipes ranging from

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