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Trenchless Pipe Repair

Our Trenchless Technologies, also referred to as no dig pipe repairs or cured-in-place-pipelining (CIPP), is basically being able to repair an underground broken pipe with little to no digging or trenching. In the past, if you had any type of sewer line problem, we would have to dig up your pipe to diagnose and repair it. But today, we have technologies that can allow us to fix your pipes without tearing up your yard.


What do we mean by “little to no digging”?

With trenchless pipe repair, we can usually enter through a manhole in the street or a clean out (meaning no digging) – or if those aren’t available, we dig a small hole (normally 3’ x 3’) in your yard or basement. So just think what would have happened in the past if you had a sewer pipe embedded in the concrete in your basement and you had a problem. With this technology, we won’t have to dig up every square inch of your yard and basement.


Why should I consider using trenchless pipe replacement?

Trenchless Technologies are going to be the best option for a homeowner who has:

  1. Well-maintained landscaping, gardens or
  2. Trees with a sewer lateral running under them, but they don’t want to cut down the tree
  3. Sidewalks or a driveway they don’t want to dig u
  4. Sewer line embedded in concrete running through a basement
  5. Pipe running through or under material that would be costly and time consuming to dig up and replace


Benefits of Trenchless Technologies

  • Minimal disruption of your life disturbance to your property
  • Quicker, less expensive alternative to conventional excavation
  • The liner, Maxliner, will last as long as a traditional PVC Pipe, typically 50 years
  • MaxLiner is the only seamless silk loomed liner made, meaning once it has hardened and cured it is impermeable to infiltration and roots.
  • Maxliner is a totally structural and standalone liner, meaning that if a portion of your existing pipe has corroded away, we can still line it.


How long would my sewer service be interrupted?

Traditional pipe replacement can take up to four days to complete. Our trenchless pipe replacement process is much shorter, typically taking four hours to complete, meaning your yard and life is back to normal much sooner.


How Do Our Trenchless Technologies Work?

    1. Rehabilitate your line using  no dig sewer repair or cured-in-place-pipe-lining. This is ideal for homeowners who have lateral sewer lines that run through well-maintained lawns and gardens (that you don’t want to dig up), trees, walkways or any other materials that would be costly and time consuming to replace. The process is fairly simple:
    2. It starts with us coming out and running a camera through your line. We will then allow you to view and have a copy of the video (be aware of companies that will not allow you to view the footage). From the video, we can determine if lining is a suitable option.
    3. Next, we will clean the line of any debris, roots or other objects.
    4. Next, MaxLiner (a special felt tube) is saturated with a 100% solids epoxy pure amber resin and inverted into your existing pipe with compressed air. The air pressure allows the liner to fit tightly against the existing pipe walls, where it cures and hardens completely within hours.
    5. Once hardened, any smaller pipes that feed into your repaired pipes are internally cut open to restore flow.
    6. The Maxliner system restores at least 100% of original flow capacity despite minimal loss in pipe diameter. Reducing the friction in the pipe increases its capacity. In addition, the MaxPox epoxy resin bonds the liner to the pipe walls, preventing water from getting between the line and the existing pipes, meaning once the liner is in place, any further corrosion of pipes is stopped in its tracks. MaxLiner has been thoroughly tested and proven impermeable to tree roots. The lined pipe will be free of root intrusion for the life of the new pipe.

Buyer Beware: Not all lining products are created equal. Stamie Lyttle is the only company in the area that uses the MaxLine brand of products for no dig sewer repair.